The Feng Shui Approach

Knowing what your goals are and planning many aspects of your life is important, but the home you live in also has the same “blueprint” as you do.  The energy around you determines your mood, decisions, and aspirations,  Your environment makes a huge difference in the attainment of your goals!  It is not by “luck” that some people are more fortunate than others.  Even if they don’t know Feng Shui, their home may be helping them without their knowledge.

It gets you when you and your energy levels are down.   This is the time when you start having more problems with your car, TV starts acting up, children start having difficulties at school, finances become a problem, your health is starting to show some issues, and your personal relationships  become strained.  Feng Shui can prey on the weak, or it could help to rejuvenate you.  The difference is knowing what to do, and how to make it work for you!

There are thousands of little secrets to have good Feng Shui in your home.  For example, the location where your stove, bed and desk is positioned is extremely important. Placed in a “bad” energy area can produce high blood pressure, loss of concentration and lack of sleep just to list a few.

If you are really serious in making changes in a very short time, contact us to set up an appointment for a Feng Shui consultation.  There is no luck, only the energy you resonate towards!

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of moving energy patterns as they exist in your environment in a positive way, to impact your health, wealth, and winning outcomes of the people that live in that environment. By understanding how energy is used or not used in your home will determine how healthy you will be or how successful you will become.  For example, we all know by now that if you live in an environment with black mold in every room of your home, you will become sick and need hospitalized treatment.  Even if you get better and feel cured in the hospital and go back home, you will continue to become sick.  Bad Feng Shui in your home is like invisible mold.  It is subtle and undetectable to the naked eye.  A Feng Shui set of eyes can “see” this mold and can help you rearrange the negative energy and either redirect it or remove it.

Some things that are easy to fix could be as simple as cleaning up your front hall and getting rid of the clutter in parts of your home.  It never ceases to amaze me that people will spend money to go see a great motivational speaker to get charged up and be determined to change their life, only to go home tripping over shoes in the hallway and stepping over an avalanche of clutter and stale air.  It is killing your aspirations and the desire to move forward.

Whenever I am having problems with wealth or family issues I know that somewhere in my own home lies the answer.  Once I find it and correct it with a home adjustment, things start going back to normal.  Nothing happens by chance.  The more you understand this energy the more success you will have and end up working a lot less for it.  You just need to know where to look!

I can assess your home or office and know what is misaligned in your life.  Your home will tell me if you are getting along with your spouse, how healthy you are, your financial status and even how your thinking patterns effect your life.    With my experience, I can assess your present situation and make recommendations to you to change your life.    My focus is to align your energy in your home to start the healing process, and get you back on track.

Would you like to get started with a consultation, or would you prefer to take a workshop?  Take your growth within Feng Shui into your own hands, start today!