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Before we start you need to do the following:

1. A hand-drawn floor plan of your home or office showing the doors, windows, skylights, bathrooms, hallways, direction of door openings, stairways, fans, fireplaces, stairs, kitchen, stove placement, all beds, desk placement, 2nd floor layout, basement layout, garage, sheds, outdoor pools, location of any clutter concerns or idle storage in your home, location and direction of any entrances to the house.

2. A lot plan which shows the entire perimeter and shape of your lot with the location and overall shape of your home on the lot.  This is a rough hand-drawn picture just to get an idea of where the house is on the property.  If you have an apartment this is not necessary.

3.  A Biography of yourself of what has been happening in your life over the last 6 months to a year. Include your health status, money issues, family situations, relationship issues, career concerns, reputation and your thoughts on anything you are presently pursuing.  Include any accidents, low school grades, lost opportunities, promotions that you were passed up for, frequent arguments, leaks and broken appliances.  If you have children let me know how they are getting along or if they are having nightmares.  Any odd occurrences will also help.  If you have an idea why the previous owner left that would be helpful as well.  A paragraph or two is good.

4.  The ritual of the 9 Red Envelopes.  Upon completion of the consultation I will require 9 Red Envelopes with one dollar ($1) in each in addition to the fee for each time or place Feng Shui elements are applied.  If you want your home and office done in a different place 18 red envelopes are required.  It can be red construction paper or tissue paper carefully wrapped in red paper.  It can also be the traditional Chinese red envelopes which can be obtained at any Asian store.  Red envelopes can also be picked up at gift shops, card stores and department stores.  These red envelopes are then blessed and left overnight to activate your energy in your environment.  This is a powerful tool and escalates your results faster.  Even though my approach is down to earth and focuses on winning on many levels, I still must honour the sacred teachings.

The consultation fee is based on a flat rate.  Both Susanne and I work together off site and on-site for maximum energy movement which means you will see and feel the difference in a much shorter time frame.  For a three (3) bedroom home it starts at $1800 plus 18 red envelopes and applicable taxes.  There is significant work involved before we see the home and analyze your floor plan in detail before arrival.  We will energetically clear the home of old patterned energy so you get a more non-disruptive pattern that you can build on.  This is a good idea for new homeowners as well as those that have been living in the same house for years.  If there is a problem it is good to clear it out and start fresh.

If you would like more information, contact us!