Feng Shui Workshop

Are you tired of working so hard in life and have nothing to show for it? Do you find yourself in relationships that don’t work and all that’s left is pain and loneness? Do you keep working at dead end jobs with no fulfillment? Maybe it’s not you … it’s your home!

Tony Gyenis had many of these problems and was always looking for that magical new solution that would solve his concerns. Mainly he just wanted to advance and get ahead. It seems he was looking in the wrong place. Instead of finding a new solution the one he did find ended up being over 4,000 years old; Feng Shui. Whether you have heard of this art or not you only have to concern yourself with what it can do for you and how it creates a balance in your life.

How many times have you seen people get everything they want because you think they are lucky? They always seem to be in the right place at the right time to advance their career or meet a person that they love and cherish. Why does it seem so impossible for other people to do that? What if I told you that by simply arranging your home a certain way, you can over a very short time, make more money, find a wonderful person to share your life or advance your career faster than you ever could the old way? It is possible! I have done it and I have seen it done! Now I want to teach you how to do it!

Tony appeared on a local radio show (580 CFRA Talk Radio) and talked about Feng Shui. He has this podcast available to you right on this website; FREE. After listening to the podcast, if you are interested and want more information on Feng Shui in general, just email me and I’ll be happy to send you information or talk on the phone about this course. He has also appeared on CTV in a few programs talking about Feng Shui for the beginner.  If you have tried everything to advance your life you need to take this training as part of your personal development. An Introduction To Controlling Your Luck! Feng Shui for Beginners!

For those that are ready you can sign up for this course, which starts soon. We will send you details on dates and time. This Two Day Workshop will make you aware of the energies that can really make a difference in your lifestyle. It’s fast, easy to follow and it works!

Professor in the School of Business at Algonquin College for 3 years
35 years of experience in operating mainly small businesses with little resources
Certified Adult Teacher   ♦ Feng Shui Consultant  ♦ Certified Medium  ♦ Certified Angel Therapist ♦ Certified Master Teacher & Practitioner in Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks and Vibrational Transformation ♦ Licensed Spiritual Healer

Register on-line or by phone to receive further instructions.

– Will be covering why old methods are not working any more.
– The concept of improving your “luck”.
– Understanding your home flow.
– How to “see” the energy flow.
– How to “see” money.
– How to “see” recognition.
– How to “see” love.
– How to be more creative.
– How to attract more opportunities
– How to travel more and have helpful people at your side
– How to improve your career and steer more to your life purpose
– How to connect more to your family
– How to have a healthy home
– How your home is keeping you poor!
– How your home is keeping you stagnant!
– How your home is keeping you single/alone!
– How renovation changes your luck!
– Making smarter decisions when buying a home.
– This course will address the top 3 areas that most homes repel; Wealth, Recognition and Love and what to do about it.
– We cover what many Real Estate Brokers don’t want you to know.
– We cover the concept of effortless abundance.
– Why life is so hard and what you can do to change it … energetically.

If you’ve tried everything to improve your life and nothing has worked, you need this course to show you a whole new approach to achievement. Less stress and more results!

To find when the next workshop will be look under “Workshops & Training” on this site

Where: Ottawa.  Location to be announced
Workshop Cost: $399 +tx (all booklets and information supplied). Also includes an analysis of your own home ($400 value).  You’ll get to Feng Shui your own home and Tony will teach you how to do it. This way you can be self-empowered with your own home.  All this will be covered in class while you are learning.

Register today, space is limited!  Please email us at tony@iwillwin.ca to request a registration form to be sent to you.

We will give you details of the four (4) things you need to do before the class starts to maximize your value of the course. Ask us about the 18 Red Envelopes!