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One answer to the Energy Quiz on our April 2012 Newsletter:

Question: Recently a polished lady approached us to say she has a hard time with receiving. She loves to give to others and is so sweet but cannot find any way to receive from others. She asks, “How can I receive more to stay balanced?”

Answer: The difficulty of receiving is not as far fetched as many people may think.  Some people want to be so helpful and make others feel good that it is hard for them to accept someone’s offer to mow the lawn or accept someone’s offer to pick them up a coffee as their friend is going to the coffee shop anyway.  For these people I salute them because they are the human angels of the earth.  They will do anything for others even if it is a stranger.  They will usually turn down all requests for help by others because only giving is what they want to do.  As much as I love these people it is also unhealthy for them because their balance is off.  There is an energetic difference of energy that is coming and going in their life which creates illness, depression and eventually resentment.  How do these people find the balance they need if they can’t receive?  They need to realize that when they are helping others those people must accept that help as well or it will hurt the feelings of the angel trying to give.  In other words, there is the gift of giving which means the giver must accept as much as they give to stay balanced.

Let’s say you have a friend and you wanted to do something special for them.  You find out something that they really need and then went to several stores to get the right one.  Then you proceeded to wrap it up in beautiful wrapping and bows.  In all this excitement of getting the gift you then found the perfect time to give this special person the gift so you can see the reaction and joy in their face which will mean so much to you.  You finally find the perfect time and present them the gift and you watch in anticipation for their elated reaction and tears of joy.  As soon as you give them the gift they say to you that you shouldn’t have spent that money and ends up giving it back to you still wrapped because your friend didn’t think they deserved it.  How would you feel?  The gift of giving goes both ways and someone must accept for others to get the joy of giving.  Acceptance is love because you honor the person that gave it to you and you honor yourself for knowing you are beautiful too and deserve such a good friend to care enough to love you and think you are special.  Givers need to accept so other givers can be happy too!

One answer to the Energy Quiz on our March 2012 Newsletter:

Question: When you get a great idea or a positive vision about something why is it that a few seconds later you have doubt about it?  Where does the doubt come from after a happy thought? Why does the doubt not come first?

Answer:   When you ask for guidance or a solution to a problem the surrounding energies that are with you (guardian angels, past loved ones, archangels, etc.) are going to work on the solution right away.  When you get a good idea or a partial solution to the problem it means the answers to your question or the answer to your prayers are coming to you.  It is gradual building of your answers which is coming from a higher realm.  It doesn’t all come at once.  It comes in phases depending how open you are to the answers you are getting.  Once you start getting small bits of white light in the form of answers the heavier energies around want control and this is where the doubt comes in.  The doubt always comes late because there are few things that are faster than the speed of light.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second which is why you always get a great answer so quickly while the heavier energies move at the speed of “smell”.  Simply to say that they are much slower to react.  The heavy energies are always late which is why they never come first.  You will never have doubt first then the great idea.  It is always a situation of getting an idea followed by a voice saying, “It won’t work!”  What you have to realize is what or who is saying “it won’t work”.  It is not you but a controlled-based energy that wants to keep you in a state of confusion and doubt.  If you are in a state of clarity and certainty you will follow your heart and spirit which is bad news for the heavier energies as they are now out of a job and is deemed useless.  They are struggling for survival.  The energies that you listen to are the ones that will grow.  If you feed your heart and follow it that energy will prosper and the same holds true for listening to doubt and gloom.  It is up to you which one you wish to dominate your life.  It is you that will decide whether your life will be lead by fear or love!

One answer to the Energy Quiz on our February 2012 Newsletter:

Question: When you have a nightmare where frightening things are chasing you in your dreams and you are running away from it in fear, what can you do to introduce peace plus regain your power?

Answer: Energies of all kinds have a certain way they are use to being “treated”.  A loving supporting energy is use to being treated with respect and kindness.  An energy that is angry or wants to chase others to scare them in their dreams are use to having others running away in fear.  This energy may shape-shift themselves in various forms like a grizzly bear, snakes, dragons, wolf or any other scary entity.  One possible option you can do when this energy wants to chase you is to stop running, turn around and face the chasing energy head on and blast out a laughter.  The energy will not know what to do as this has never happened before.  It is use to being feared not laughed at.

In most cases the entity will melt, disappear or just stare at you as you are laughing.  They will be caught off guard and unsure what to do.  Ask the energy if they brought a gift for you?  Ask the energy if it is hungry and want some love?  The reason that energy is not able to hurt you at this point is because the love and courage you are exuding is one of a whiter lighter energy in which the heavier scary energy is unable penetrate.  You are using the God-like energies inside of you which is invincible.  The heavier energy knows you are stronger than they are but needs to convince you to be fearful and run.  This is the only reason why that energy appears to be bigger and stronger.  When you are aware that you are stronger and courageous their powers are useless.  Tell a child you know this secret and watch how happy they will be when they win!  We would be happy to hear your stories. Email tony@iwillwin.ca

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