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24 Unwritten Laws of Success – $9.99* each

This audio segment discusses what is truly essential to know and keep in mind when pursuing your dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. It has taken many years to discover and apply these ideas, which actually work in real life. Tony will talk about not giving credit and what things you should bear in mind when giving customers a quote. He not only talks about being positive but also where to apply it to get the most benefit. Great common sense advice! Approximate Length: 52 minutes

No Money – $9.99* each

How do you start a business with absolutely no money? Do you ever wonder how other people do it? will share with you exactly how he started, with only $45 in his pocket, to build one of the fastest growing and most profitable moving companies in the city. If you are in a hurry to get into business and don’t have the money or the time to get the formal long-term education, Tony will give you a step by step program to help you get started. His technique worked with his own business, will work for yours. A great and simple idea can help you become your own boss. Approximate Length: 40 minutes

Reasons for Bankruptcies – $9.99* each

Tony discusses over 30 reasons why entrepreneurs fail and end up in bankruptcy. He analyzes and suggests ways to remain aware of pitfalls. Thousands of people lose their homes because they had financed a flawed business idea. The business probably had some potential but failed because the owner made too many fundamental mistakes. What Tony does is inform and educate you to know where your weaknesses are, to improve them and focus on your strengths to get you the resources you need to win. Approximate Length: 46 minutes

Cheap Marketing Part 1 – $9.99* each

This audio collection discusses 20 helpful and affordable marketing strategies. It talks about what kind of business cards to order, as well as what to do with them other than giving them to people. It examines the art of sampling, trade shows and what to be cautious about when getting involved in these shows. Many of the suggestions are easily implemented in most businesses. This CD will give you great ideas and initiate effective brainstorming. The key is to listen and come up with creative ideas you can build on for your business. Approximate Length: 48 minutes

Cheap Marketing Part 2 – $9.99* each

This segment discusses the remaining 20 strategies you can use to get your name ot your customer. Some you will know already but you will get suggestions for others that you probably haven’t thought of, that could be perfect for your business and save you a lot of money. You will get cost effective, strategic road signs, enabling you to get the most out of your word of mouth advertising. Many of these strategies we talk about in our workshop and are now available to you in this new audio format at a fraction of the cost. Approximate Length: 48 minutes

E-Business 101 – $9.99* each

This is a new segment as the e-commerce market is constantly changing, and if you are just starting, we need to bring you up to speed. If you want to launch a new website you need to know what to keep in mind when marketing. How do you keep on top of Google and get search engines working for you? If you decide you will create your own website, you need to be informed. This CD will help you get started. People are using the Internet to make purchases all the time. This is an ever-changing and growing market. You will get great insight to use your site to make money. Approximate Length: 40 minutes

Fraud and Scams – $9.99* each

The majority of thefts are from your own employees. This program examines the different techniques your employees or customers may use to take money or other resources from you. It will give you a checklist how to make it more difficult for outsiders to take advantage of you. Most people think that entrepreneurs have a lot of money and many think you won’t miss a few dollars. Tony also covers on-line scams and ways to protect yourself from hackers and phishing. Approximate Length: 50 minutes

More Profit! – $9.99* each

This audio program investigates what is truly important when it comes to profit and how to make more of it. If you are starting a business, this segment is a must to own. Tony talks about the long-term effects if certain customer service programs are not in place. Can profits be increased and costs decreased? You bet! With proven attitudes and techniques, it is very possible. Profit is an emotional power, not just a number. Approximate Length: 40 minutes

Scratch or Existing – $9.99* each

Is it better to start a business from scratch or buy one that is already operating? Tony discusses the pros and cons for each so that you can make up your own mind. If you are thinking of buying an existing business, you must have this in your collection as it discusses aspects that aren’t in many books. Experience problems other businesses have had. This CD is jam-packed with facts and tips that could save you a lot of headaches. Approximate Length: 59 minutes

Start to Win Part 1 – $9.99* each

Starting a business to win is easy to think about but hard to do if you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t start guessing. In this first part of a series of four, Tony examines the initial characteristics of an entrepreneur to find out if you are a good fit. He further explains how important it is to have goals and gives you an awesome technique to attain anything you want using his unique style of goal setting. You will be convinced that you will do more in less time with his techniques. It is jam packed with ideas that will surely help you attain your goals. Approximate Length: 59 minutes

Start to Win Part 2 – $9.99* each

In part 2 we talk about the parts of a business plan and how certain aspects of your plan and business ideas must be clarified and strengthened. There are too many entrepreneurs that don’t know where they are going and Tony Gyenis forces you to look at the whole picture. Each ingredient gives a different strength that makes you strong as a whole. You need to know where your future is going or you may as well just work for someone else. This is an excellent planning segment. Approximate Length: 48 minutes

Start to Win Part 3 – $9.99* each

Segment three includes analyzing your competition, your staff and the all important cash flow concerns. You need to know why cash flow is so important, and how to keep that steady stream of money coming in. Tony has tried many short cuts and possible variations to become successful, and outlines the best options to take when it comes to positioning yourself in the marketplace. Simply working hard is not enough; you need additional information to take you to the next step. He tries to give you as much knowledge as possible to build a successful new business. Approximate Length: 57 minutes

Start to Win Part 4 – $9.99* each

In this final segment of the series, Tony Gyenis looks at location and what to watch out for, and how to avoid expensive mistakes. Leasing strategies are discussed as well as the best ways to look for good property location for your business. He also covers basic set up procedures for your administration with respect to government requirements. He continues by giving various strategies for finding money you need to finance your business. Approximate Length: 53 minutes

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