Prosperity – the Secrets of Feng Shui

Prosperity – The Secrets of Feng Shui

I answered the telephone. It was a short conversation with my business broker. “Tony, I have some good news for you,” he said. “We have a buyer for your company. We just need to sign the paperwork.” it was an exciting time. When I told my wife, she was ecstatic. “It’s incredible, unbelievable,” she said. Ellen was right. The business had sold quickly, but what was unbelievable was how quickly our fortunes had changed. Not long ago we were penniless and our small company was struggling. Something happened that dramatically changed our lives and our good fortune. We went from working long, hard hours just to make ends meet – to having a very profitable business.

But this change happened in a rather odd way. Our business didn’t improve because of any marketing advice we received. It didn’t improve because of any changes we implemented regarding our service, or because of the economy, or anything to do with what our competition was doing. Our success was the result of an obscure and strange phenomenon. It was something that we didn’t understand, yet could not deny. It was something that we didn’t share with anyone because we doubted anyone would believe us. This book is about what happened.

The hard cover 5 1/2” x 7 1/2” pocket sized book sells for $24.95 plus taxes and shipping & handling. For internet buyers only:  Tony will send you a signed copy!