These testimonials are posted in the form we received them.  We wanted to protect their privacy which is why the names are initialed.  So many clients are satisfied and these are the ones that have extended their appreciation by writing and agreeing to share their experience.


August 6, 2008

Hi Tony.

I read through your reading, twice actually, and I’m just amazed. You spent a lot of time on this reading and, with all of your other projects and responsibilities, I feel really special to have you in my corner. Honestly.

K.B. from Connecticut, U.S.


May 1, 2009

You know how happy I am now compared to when you met me.  After you Feng Shui’d my apartment things started to change right away and I met Fred in early June and life has been terrific ever since. He is the man of my dreams and spoils me rotten.  Do you remember when I read to you the list of what I was thankful for, what you said? You told me “that if I was going to wish, there was no harm in wishing high”. Fred met every criteria on my list.

I am sure the tuning forks had a lot to do with getting the energy moving properly. I always felt so energized after my tuning fork sessions. I also listen to the tuning forks CD often.  My life is so much more joyful now than it was the past couple of decades.  I appreciate what you have done for my energy and happiness level.

Thank you Tony!

Margo B. from Ottawa East, Canada.


May 1, 2009

Hi Tony,

I wanted to thank you very much for our session today.  I am walking down the stairs without any problems and don’t even need my sleepers on the hardwood….the healing regarding the rest of my physical issues are yet to be known.  I just feel good….thank you.

C.C. from Ottawa


Instinctively, I knew Tony to be an authentic person who has a heart directed at helping others heal. During the healing session, I had one of the most powerful releases I have ever had in 12 years of self-discovery and self-healing. I will be going back for more and have already recommended Tony to my friends, family and clients.

Jennifer Clark
Ottawa’s First Angel Therapy Practitioner


June 19, 2009

Hi Tony,

I want to thank you again for a wonderful experience last week.
I couldn’t believe the difference it made on everything I did from that moment on.
I still feel I have no care in the world 🙂

L.W. from Orleans, Ontario


“I was feeling very stuck in my relationship and living situation, and after our session I decided to work on some affirmations related to that. I “changed my mind” about those things and now have allowed myself to move forward in a more positive and healthy direction”

R.W. from Ottawa


Hey Tony:

“I can’t even explain the way that I feel….I feel amazing.  I feel like I can do anything, and I feel like I have almost “claimed” myself back.  Everyday that I wake up, and am grateful for my life, and can’t wait to see what the day will hold for me.  I can’t thank you enough for how you are helping me.. You have brought me out of the dark hole that I have been in for so long, and you have made me see the sun!”

E.W. from Ottawa


October 17, 2009

WELL!!!!  Let me just say that I feel GREAT!!!!!!   We had the BEST trip and I really really do believe it is due to all of the work that I have been doing with you.  And so I want to give you a BIGGGGG thankyou for what you do and for helping me to shift so much stuff.  I was really ready I guess.  I noticed that have changed for the better.

M.S. from Ottawa, Ontario


“Words cannot even express how much tuning fork therapy has changed my life.  Before I met Tony I was a very negative person, waking up every day wondering what my purpose was here on earth.  After my second session everything started to look different to me.  I started to change the way I looked at things, and I started to attract great things, people, and experiences into my life.  After completing the program I now know what true “joy” is, and I appreciate all that I have every day.  Tony helped me release the emotion that was attached to painful memories, and move forward in my life.  Thank you Tony!.  You have truly changed my life, and given me the strength to find my “true inner being”, and trust myself”.

Lots of Love. E.V.W” from Calgary, Alberta


October 25, 2009

Hi Tony:

Thank you for a great session.  Just thought I would let you know that I checked my blood pressure today–last week it was 142/118 today it is 128/86!!!!  I printed pictures and put them in the appropriate places last night.  I feel much stronger and protected.

K.K. from Ottawa


October 27, 2009

Hi Tony,

Wow – what an experience last Tuesday and since. The words “Thank you” seem insufficient. I’m so grateful, Tony

G.S. from Ottawa


November 1, 2009

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your time yesterday.  I am grateful that there is healing for healers in the world.  Because of my current situation – second year of a masters degree in the ‘ivory tower’, I find myself in an environment of skeptics who seem to be spirituatually deprived.  I get tapped out when I forget to shield myself from the negative energies.  My ears and heart are always open to others, but I struggle for the balance to keep the peace within myself.  While I know it is there, somehow this well-being gets blocked and dislocated.  I would be happy to see you again, as I feel I have met someone in you who recognizes my energy and power, and will help me to focus it in the right way.


D.H. from Kanata


November 8, 2009

Wow…what an experience! While I’m definitely having to face fears and anxiety, those moments of clarity/awareness are really profound. I feel like I will have to write a book someday and contribute to what I’ll call the post modern existentialist critical theory field (still to determine i what capacity or whether this is just a step to something bigger that I have yet to understand)…so many things to sort through, like how I feel as though I am a healer/feeler more than I am an intellectual/thinker, so while I’m in thinking mode now, how can I apply my intellectual understanding of things to healing?

Where can I find people that want/need me, where/how can I be of most value and feel the most fulfilled? Also working on the law of attraction – not so easy but I’m very persistent when I want to be! Part of the reason for the email is to put my feelings out there and express myself to someone who can appreciate it.  Bring it on! 🙂

I have also noticed that after I go through some of these more intense moments, I tend to get very cold; sometimes it’s like I physically feel the transformation/movement of energy in my body…like I said, what an experience!
I look forward to our session on Tuesday! 🙂

P.M. of Ottawa


December 10, 2009

Hi Tony,

Things are going very well.  When I reflect upon 2009 I have so much to be thankful for.  Lots of positive changes, like mental/emotionally for me, a stronger relationship with my husband, my wonderful pregnancy and beautiful baby girl, and the opportunity to spend so much time with my protective and amazing son.  I can feel daily the positive energy in my home growing even stronger and better, especially now that our driveway and clear path to our home is now completed.  I was inspired to paint a few rooms in my house last week and I did it.  My living room and kitchen are giving me a much calmer/warmer feeling that I am sure will reflect upon my life somehow.   When I think of how I was feeling when I first met you to how I am today it is amazing how much better I feel and positive I feel. I know 2010 will be a positively abundant year for me and my family.

I am thankful that we met and how you have guided me to such a happy, healthy, prosperous life!

J.O. from West Carleton, Ontario


May 28, 2010

Hi Tony,

I would like to thank you and Susanne for the powerful help that I have been receiving since the first group healing session on May 1st, and of course, in the past one year with the amazing and powerful individual sessions as well.
I will join the group session again next Wednesday.

Thank you,
E. B. from Ottawa, Ontario


June 1, 2010

Things have been falling into place like crazy for me since the last healing group!! It’s really amazing!! A huge chunk of fear has been lifted (and consciously I continue to shed and replace it with a vibrant << go get ’em>> energy every day) Internally I feel awesome and externally, like I said, things are just perfectly alligning! Love love loving it! 🙂
Have an awesome week, see you soon!!

E. G. from Ottawa, Ontario


June 9, 2010

I just want to tell all of you the last Wednesday session was highly energized and focused that is amazing. I would say that is something historical happening.  Good bless for all your sessions.

Call when I get back.

M. N. from Ottawa, Ontario


July 23, 2010

so thank you for last night….i can’t believe how i felt during the healing but actually at the end i felt such peace with myself…everything is so good i know i am on the right path and moving forward might be a bit slow but i still feel awesome….

anyway talk later
love you lots

M.G. from Kanata


August 23, 2010

Hi dear Tony !

I have a great news for you, I met a very special man at the beginning of the summer and we are together, we are in love and it’s a very authentic, blessed and sincere love. I never thought I finally met my soulmate and I believe he is.
So, you see, it took 6 months after your feng-shui treatment in my home and my life before we manifest our love in our life and now, we are perfectly happy and in harmony.
I regularly read about your activities in group and i find them very interesting and loving.
I told him a little about tuning forks and I’m sure it will be soon possible to enjoy together one of your session.
I’ve been waiting for so long. It finally happened when I let it go, simply as that, but so powerful.

And I had made a lot of work on myself during the last months after your treatment with feng-shui and also tuning forks.

I’m working now on abundance in my life and in his life, and also on my faith 🙂


MERCI Tony 🙂

N.M. of Hull, Quebec


August 30, 2010

Thanks you so much! I feel as if centuries of hate has dissolved. I feel joyous for the first time! Wow what an expereince! I am so glad you are doing the work and teaching others to do. I have felt so much pain since March with little hope of the pain leaving. I am truly grateful.

Love M. B. from Ottawa, Ontario


February 11, 2011

Hi Tony,

Wanted to say thank you for the session … it was amazing.  I left your office feeling like things were all shifting inside me like some kind of new structure or something, hard to put in to words. Woke up the next a.m. on top of the world.  The VERY first thing I saw on my computer screen was an advertisement for a place called Soul Sisters.  Here they are, mainstream, in your face, (as you had said) putting themselves out there as Reiki practitioners and Angel healers.  OMG!!!  I think that hearing you say those words were a huge key for me, and then seeing it the next day … wow.  I also know that the journey I was led on during the table treatment was very profound for me, a realization, and a time NOW to move forward.  I have the help and guidance I was searching for.  Still “feel” that little nag thing from the past, but so small now and only for a second will it be there.  For the very first time in my life I can actually say the words “Life is Good”…and it “feels” so.

I just registered for a course in Guelph.  Want to see if that is the direction I will be taking.  It just presented itself, a friend of mine in Guelph sent me the info and an offer of a place to stay while I
am there. What could be better?!

Looking forward to my continuing journey, and a tune up in the not so distant future with you.

Thanks kindly,

D. M. from Nepean, Ontario


June 9, 2011

I forwarded the email because I think one of the reasons that I like Dr. D., my psychologist, is that he respects “alternative approaches” and thinks very highly of the type of work you (and Susanne) do.

J.S. of Manotick, Ontario


July 26, 2011

Hey Tony!!
Been trying to write you back for a little while now, but as you know the forces don’t always let us do what we want. So finally I have a free moment to write back! Kinda funny how things always seem to work out. The night after we left our meeting in Toronto, I went over to a buddy’s house, (she was the one who gave me your contact info) but any ways I went to visit him and he already offered me a job!

So now I am working and got a $4 an hour raise! I thought that was pretty good. I would say all in all everything thus far has worked out. We are realizing that what Susanne said is very true, ” everything will start happening and when it does it will happen for 11 reasons”. There are lots of little things like people giving us information or books and such without us even saying a word, and all of it is relevant to what we are doing and where we are going. Thank you both so very much, you have helped me in ways I could never explain.

Hope to hear from you soon,

L. Q. from Toronto, Ontario


August 20, 2011

HI Tony and Suzanne

Thank you so much to both of you for your insight. I really appreciate the input. I was feeling alone trying to go through this deal. I do totally agree that I was under selling myself. I have worked so hard to change my belief system. Your kind words have put me back into see the right way of thinking.
It is funny even Diana Wiseman sent a message for me through Diane Merpaw saying that I have worked hard to change that belief system but I can easily fall back into it.

Thank you so much for getting me back on track.

P.A. from Ottawa


August 24, 2011

“I had to write to say thanks again for the time you took with me
on Saturday. It was a fascinating experience, challenging in many
ways, and absolutely effective. I have not felt this balanced or light-
hearted in years, literally. I feel focused on the right priorities,
in touch with my relationships, confident in my judgment and energized
to take care of myself and round out what have been fairly boxy edges
to my life lately. I’m wise enough to know nothing is permanent and
maintaining this state will require attention and, I’m sure, some
repeat visits, but I feel positive that, however many days later it
is, I still have the motivation to stay focused and maintain.
Very much appreciated, sir”

A.K. from Ottawa, Ontario