Tuning Fork (Vibrational) Healing

 tuning-fork.jpgHealing Through Sound

It seems almost unbelievable but it’s true. For years I have been looking for ways to heal the body and the mind on many levels. What I was looking for was a safe and effective way to essentially ‘Feng Shui’ the human body as I would Feng Shui my clients’ homes. My search was over when I discovered the once lost Solfeggio Tuning Fork sounds. There are 6 main sounds that have been missing in our culture for centuries that provides physical, emotional and spiritual healing. These tuning forks create sounds that most of us have never heard. It has never been heard in our music because these are specific frequencies that have mathematical significance. It is the frequency of a higher awareness and ultimate health. When used in a special way with the right intention, a feeling of vitality and well-being is the result. I have used it on many of my clients and they absolutely love it.

I heard a quote years ago that stated that music and sound are the bridges that connect heaven and earth. At the time I didn’t know the full meaning of that statement; I know now. Ancient meditation chants have some of these sounds which is why these seemingly primitive cultures are more spiritually, emotionally and physically healthier despite their harsh lifestyle. I have seen highly stressed business people come into our healing room with no expectation and leave a short time later with a calm relaxed disposition. This is not an accident because it also works on babies, and even pets. It is perfectly safe. These sound combinations are from nature which is why the human body ‘remembers’ it from centuries of evolution; it is a recognizable ancestral memory. These sound combinations can improve confidence, physical healing rates, open up emotional blocks, increase problem solving skills and increase the higher awareness of your life.

These tuning forks are not a miracle of nature but a gift from nature. The world is having a difficult time and people all over the world are looking for alternative solutions for everything. Many of our society’s traditions are not working anymore. The majority of our population what better more effective answers that actually solve the problems not just the symptoms. Families are buying healthier foods and demanding companies to manufacture better alternatives for the environment. I personally think it is a little late but at least we are making the shift to a cleaner world. With all the side effects caused by the use of powerful drugs we are looking at other less damaging solutions to treat our family’s health.

I am the first Certified SomaEnergetics Solfeggio Tuning Fork Practitioner and Teacher in Canada. This is based on the David Hulse program. See www.somaenergetics.com for details.  Although the initial training originated in the United States, I have given it a truly Canadian twist in energy work.  I am still the only one that combines over five modalities at the same time when I tune my clients.  Now I am teaching others how to tune in his uniquely Canadian way.

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