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Our Pets; Spirit’s Gift to Us!

Along with the trees, plants, birds, sea life and other wildlife, our pets are the closest spirit beings we have to help us on our journey of life.  Our pets serve a fundamental need of companionship, security and love but also an energetic need to keep us on our path.
Our pets clear our energies and let us know where the stagnant energies are by either resting, playing or peeing in those areas of our homes.  They mark their territory to state to other energies that they are in charge of protecting their master’s space.  When pets have the freedom to walk around the spaces of our home they move or clear the energies like bubbles in an aquarium.
Our lives are full of distractions making it so easy to focus on the things that bring us little ultimate happiness.  Our pets are there to keep us on track by loving us and wanting to be love.  They get us to exercise our bodies by “convincing” us to take them for walks.  They possess a ball of white light within their energetic system that reminds us that when sadness enters our life they are there to offer comfort and healing without a word spoken.

Pets always come at the exact time we need them spiritually.  These beings have agreed to step up to help us out at another level; a spiritual level.  The best part is that they are doing it so seamlessly that we do not know they are actually teaching us. A pet rarely comes when we want one but when the universe aligns with us as to what is needed at the time.

A stray cat or dog, for example, is never a coincidence but a gift from spirit.  The need is granted based on what we have been praying for or needing at that moment. When we go looking for a pet it comes to us and when it connects with our energy it will not leave our sight even if seen through a pet shop window or cage. They make it very obvious that they want us to take them home.  The pet is always an answer to a question we have not asked yet.  It is not until after that we realize why our pet had to be sent to us in the first place.

Spirit understands that we first need a tool such as a screwdriver, for example, in our hand before we can use it to loosen something.  The “tool” always has to come first. That is why pets are sent to us first before the life changing event is sent to us afterwards. When pets nurture us, we return that nurture and kindness energy which lowers our stress and helps diffuse a portion of the heaviness in us.
Pets are from another world.  An alternate reality from our heavy-based planet that vibrates to greed and anger.  Nothing is more powerful than the unconditional love a pet can send us.  It melts through the fog of anger and distractions and attempts to show us what priorities are more important to our lives.

It is said that if a person hates pets they hate other people and natural things too that contain love.  At times these same people abuse themselves emotionally and are out of touch with their source energy. The hurt they feel inside is then extended to everything around them.  There is vibration of hate and self loathing in their bodies so the result is outward hurtful vibrations to others.

These wounded souls are one group of people that pets come to willingly.  Just like children choose their parents in this life pets choose their owners.  Only a pet can eventually melt their heart because their pet may be the only being they know that will not judge them or tell them they are not enough.  Even a person with ice in their heart will in time thaw with the warm ball of light from a pet.

The pet will knowingly come in seeking a hurtful person risking abuse and neglect yet continue to love and serve their purpose to attempt to alter another soul on this planet.  The universe may, in another life, have the abuser return in another life to our planet as a pet so they will know what it is like to be an abused pet.  In doing so, that soul will “remember” that feeling of powerlessness in the next life giving the opportunity to love again.

All of us have come from a place of love at one time. That is why we know what it is. It is not taught or in our DNA but it is ancestral memory.  We don’t need to learn how to love.  We are taught how to judge, hate, fear, feel guilty, etc.

Pets are the storage containers of light sent directly from our creator.  The mission of pets are to spread that light to the humans they are assigned to.  At times they not only spread that light to us but also they can absorb the darkness within us by dimming their own light so we can feel better and extend our lives.

This is why often times pet owners have similar health issues than their pets.  It is not that we are making our pets ill but it is more that the pet is lovingly removing those energetic toxins we have in our bodies voluntarily.  This is a selfless act in that we don’t know they are doing this and often times are still neglected at the same time.
Even though they can be treated with cruelty and neglect they still can’t wait for their owners to come home to give and receive more love.  It is not uncommon for a pet to stay by their owners when they are sick.  Many stories are told about how pets wait for their masters to come home or they wait at a bus stop even years after they have died.  It is loyalty at its most pure.  You will find it very difficult indeed to find a human that will do such things.

When it comes to the purity of love from our pets humans really don’t know what love is.  We are cruel and disrespectful to our loved ones, our elderly and our children in deeper ways that shows no physical scars.  Yes, pets are our teachers showing us what love is.  How many people do you know that treat their pets better than their family?  Pets don’t want to be treated any better or worse than any other living thing.  They ask us to love anyone and everything in our world.

In our society there are few single words that can be used to express the purity, gentleness, protection, loyalty and unconditional love.  Words like “dad, mom, neighbour, teacher, coach, etc., can all have different perceptions of what love is or isn’t.  When we think of our pets does it bring a smile to our face?  It is usually a smile that no one can label or describe.  It is a realization that there is a tangible being that wants us to love them and only wants love from us without a price or expectation.

They only want our time and for us to remember them.  I still remember “Sally”, my daughters hamster she loved so much 25 years ago.  I remember more about how my daughter loved the pet and the impact it made on her.  For the brief moments pets are in our lives they make an impact and help shape who we are.  If that happens in a positive way the purpose or mission of that pet was a success.

This physical being we call a pet is there to be loved and offers us a self healing gift. When we have a bad day where we feel alone there are few things that is as comforting as petting our pets. Our pets will help us find the light we are looking for by a beautiful stare and a wagging tail.

Our pets are helping us heal by giving us physical energy therapy (PET).  What more can we ask of the universe than the simplicity of a being that can love regardless of conditions, environment or circumstances?  Love is always waiting for us somewhere if we have access to a pet.

©copyright 2015 The Gyenis Group. All rights reserved. Written by Tony Gyenis