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The Caregivers Draw is an ancient form of healing that many cultures have used to wish or intend their loved ones back to health.  It is where a caregiver wants so much to have their loved ones feel better that they energetically “pull” or draw out the toxic energy within the body of the person they are caring for into their own body.  This process is similar to a hypodermic needle that can draw in fluids but in this case draws in energy to the body.  It sounds odd why someone would do this but they do this out of love and a need to help.  They are not realizing the affects of this form of healing that it has on their own body.

The reason why many caregivers continue to do this is because it works.  Soon after a caregiver has left for the day the patient will show signs of improvement in various degrees.  Doctors and scientists attribute this improvement to having someone keep them company because a visit, they say, will always cheer up the patient and show signs of some improvement.  Within a day or two the patient will slowly go back to where they were and need another “visit”.  What they don’t account for is the amount of heavy energies that was taken by the caregiver in that visit.

In the meantime the caregiver has the energetic toxins in their system and it needs to come out in some way.  This is one of the main reasons why caregivers are so exhausted after visiting someone for a while in a hospital or seniors residence.  They can barely keep their eyes open at the end of the day due to being so drained.  The reason why a caregiver does not show signs of sickness right away from these toxins is because they are in the element of love, giving and compassion.  Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe.  As long as this love and caring energy flows through their body in high levels they are practically immune to the energetic toxins they keep drawing from their loved ones.


A few of the symptoms that may occur in the caregiver is moments of irritation, fatigue, sleeping issues, joints being uncomfortable such ankles and knees, having minor challenges in deep breathing, trouble focusing on tasks and eyes seem blurry more often than usual.  Depending on the number of visits the caregiver has done there may also be various issues on the right side of the body such as right hip, right rib cage, right ear or right leg particularly right knees or toes.  If there has been some tripping up or down the stairs or on obstacles more than usual is a initial clue that the toxins may be building up in their system and the “weight” is beginning to affect them.

When it comes to the patient the benefits are temporary as they keep on building up their own levels of heavy energy because they don’t know they have the option of lightening them.  Even when the low energies are drawn out from them from someone they feel some relief however within a short time their health is approxiametely where it was before.

The reason for this is because the patient is not addressing their own emotions, vibration, fears, etc.  In the end we need to address these emotional anchors as they are the root cause for whatever is going on in physical form.  We are expansive beings delivered from pure energy of love and we have all the tools to heal ourselves that we would ever need.

We all have the capacity to bring ourselves to optimal health and prosperity.  We were never meant to heal others however we do have the ability to help others in their quest.  We have the ability to assist others to help find their own inner light.  When we do this to our loved ones our efforts are 100% efficient in that we know that they can do it; they only need inspiration, wisdom and energy.

When humans use the method of the caregivers draw it is essentially saying to their loved ones that they are unable or unaware how to heal themselves so others must do it for them.   This is why it is less than 10% efficient in the healing benefit for the patient.  Nature does not work to strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.  Self empowerment and self accountability is what activates everyone’s  inner light to come forward.

No one can light someone else’s inner candle but themselves.  The process of the caregivers draw is regarded  is a human intervention of balance to what we think should happen verses what the natural flow wants to do.  This is why it is a struggle for both the loved one and the caregiver.  Neither one really has any lasting benefit from drawing energy out of someone you care about.

Pets do this all the time.  So often we see dogs with heart or teeth issues and the dog owner has a heart issue as well.  Dogs know when their master are ill and wants so much to see them well and healthy that they will energetically draw out those toxins as long as they can.  So many studies show that dog owners do better health-wise than those without dogs and it was attributed to those people having companionship was the reason for the improvement.  That is partially correct.  The other side was that the dog draws that energy out to buy their master time to heal.


Our bodies have an unlimited capacity to hold love and joy but is limited in the amount of heavy energies it can hold.  Years of fear, hate, guilt, frustration and depression can take a toll on the energetic body.  Adding more energies from caregiving draws will lead to many areas of stress and an imbalance in that system.  How much can the body withstand?  A lot will depend on how much hope and determination the caregiver has.

The caregiver is human and unless the heavy energies are released out of the body in some way there can be severe health problems down the road.  Regardless how strong the caregiver thinks they are we know one thing without a doubt; it is not sustainable to continue the caregiving draw pattern.  All it may take is a sudden change in the energy and it may trigger a chain reaction of events weakening their immunity.

What often happens is that there is an unforeseen jolt in their life such as a death in the family or job loss, divorce, etc..  In this distractive event the caregiver is not as focused as they usually are in love but now with the alternate focus this gives the heavy energies in their system a chance to dominant resulting in the caregiver feeling even more tired and run down.  This can result in several triggers that may curb their health on a downward spiral.

We have talked about what the caregivers draw is and what it does to both the loved one and to the caregiver.  We know that it is not sustainable for an extended period of time.  The question is, “Now what do you do?”  The answer starts with the patient or loved one.

The patient needs to find their own power however may need inspiration, love and energy to do it.  This is where you can help.  Instead of plugging into the person to remove the heavy energy from their body may we suggest to you to plug into another more positive energy source through your body to your loved one?  Not your energy but plugging into a limitless source of energy; heaven!  Below are two examples of what happens when we plug into a different form of power source.

Plugging into other people is draining!


Plugging into Heaven is energizing!


There are several techniques to sending love and light to someone you love.  One simple one is to visualize plugging into heaven.  Instead of plugging laterally into people; plug up to heaven.  Feel that bright powerful and limitless light flow through you and with the same cord plug into a person’s heart you want to connect to in your mind.  See that they are getting the light and energy with the right intensity they need to see their path on their own.  To find their own answers and to know that spirit will take care of them from there.  When you are done sending this beautiful energy to them hug the person you are caring for in your mind and send love before you leave.

This simple technique to start will help both the caregiver and the recipient in so many ways.  Saying a prayer is a nice touch if you wish to add that to your gift because in this instance you’re working with energies that are larger than you are.  Since you are now burning off your own energies while the light is going through your body there is no build up of heavy energies which keeps the caregiver light and free.  Sending 100% pure white light out results in more benefits for all concerned and can significantly lower the exhaustion feeling.

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